SNC4E Virus and Bacteria Lesson

Intro Video to Viruses and Bacteria:

Here is a note on Viruses: Viruses Note

Virus Reproduction:

Flu Virus:




Bacteria Note: Graphic Organizer and Prokaryote Colouring Page

Distinguish between Bacteria and Virus Activity:




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Week of Sept 29 & Oct 6

Jr. Girls’ Basketball

Practice Wednesday Oct 1 2:30-4:00

Game Thursday Oct 2 here vs. Mon. Breuyere 3:30

Practice Monday Oct 6 2:30-4:00

Games at SAB Oct 8 1:30 & 4:00

Practice Oct 9 4:00-5:30

Sr. Girls’ Basketball

Practice Wednesday Oct 1 2:30-4:00

Practice Thursday Oct 2 7:00AM

Practice Monday Oct 6 2:30-4:00

Games at SAB Oct 8 12:00

Practice Oct 9 7AM

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HRE1O Tuesday, September 30

Wow – what a great tea social everyone! I was super excited to see some people try tea for the first time. Hopefully next month, more people will try it:)

Today, we looked at What Should We Believe About the BIBLE. The only item you are required to do for “homework” is to determine what the scripture means “you are the salt of the earth” and how it applies to you.

Also, here is the note from last Thursday for those individuals who were not here in class: How Did The Bible Develop



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Happy Wednesday!

Today we got into groups to look at how the Beatitudes are at work in different world issues such as democratic rights, equality and emergency responses. Tomorrow, each group will present their article and give their answers to the 5 questions that you needed to answer.

We also discussed our unit assignment on the Beatitudes. Remember you have two options: to create a collage on three beatitudes that you display regularly or my writing a two-page reflection on three beatitudes. We will have time tomorrow in class to start this assignment so please remember to bring in any pictures that you may want to include in your collage. Friday we will have all period as well to complete. Here is the task outline that we looked at in class: The Beatitudes In My Life

Hopefully we will see you tonight with your parents :)

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HRE1O Monday, September 15

Today we continued to look at how the media counters the teachings of the Beatitudes. We also looked at the important terms in unit 1. Here is the note: 3 Grade Nine Unit One Key Terms

Journal Reflection: Describe a beatitude you follow on a daily basis by using examples. In the second part, comment on a beatitude that you follow more of how the media might portray and ways that you will work towards following God’s way.

Tomorrow is Retreat! Please remember to report to class for attendance :)


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Wow, this week went by unbelievably fast – I can’t believe tomorrow is Friday already! Here are some reminders for tomorrow:

Please bring your verification forms in & remember to complete your journal reflection found on the back of the Beatitude Handout given today in class.

Also, if you missed some items in the note today, here it is: Unit One A Christian Perspective On Being With Others

See everyone tomorrow :)

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HRE1O September 8

Today we continued to look at the qualities of friends by reviewing relationships for Tableaus and the note on what makes a good friend. Here is the note that we took in class: 1 Creating a Beatitude Friend

Bring your creative minds tomorrow to class to create you very own Beatitude Friend!

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