HRE1O Tuesday, November 4

Today, we looked at Part 5 of SPIES: Social

Here is the note that we took:

Part 5: Social

Jesus teaches us to accept all persons because we are unique and made in the image of God.

Key Terms:

Inclusion: Accepting people as equal and deserving of respect.

Exclusion: Not accepting people and treating them with a lack of respect.

When we include people they will feel:

  • Happiness
  • Accepted
  • Loved

When we exclude people they will feel:

  • Alone
  • Hurt
  • Unwanted



Who will sit at the table?

  • In Jesus’ time, the customs that went with banquets were quite formal, as they were a way to socialize
  • Most banquets were social occasion for adult males. Women, children and slaves wre not invited or allowed to take part.
  • Women, children and slaves had little or no social standing. They were nothing unless an audlt male chose to recognize them as something.
  • When quests arrived they were led to a couch. The location of the couch was a sign of how important the quest was compared to other guests. The closer you were to the front, the more important you were.
  • When seated, the servant would remove their sandals and wash their feet. This was a sign of honour and respect given to those of higher social standing.
  • Only people of similar standing were invited. Only the purest of society were invited.
    • If someone in high standing sat by someone of low social standing, they became unclean and impure.
  • Jesus encouraged people to eat together without worrying about social divisions. Jesus ate with people from all walks of life. He was counter cultural.

Please make sure you complete the crossword. Answers will be posted tomorrow :)







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HRE1O Monday, November 3

Friday, we looked at Part 4: Emotions. Here is the note of the important information that was found in the Prezi:


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HRE10 Tuesdsay, October 14

Today we examined the first section of SPIES: Spiritual. Here is the note that we took in class: unit two Spies secion one spirituality

Please remember to create your own Creed regarding your faith and life teachings. Anywhere from 10-12 lines!


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SNC4E Tuesday, October 15

Today, we will complete our research questions for our presentation on our pathogens that we created in class as well as present to the class.

1. Useful and Harmful Micro-organisms Activity

2. Ecosystems and Microbes in Soil

Pond baseball-field

Complete Chart on Non-Living and Living Factors

3. Interactive Soil Activity:


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Today we began unit three, Called to be Human: SPIES

We looked at Religion as a journey and religion as a trip. Here is the note we took in class: Is Religion a Trip or a Journey

Please complete your chart on people, places & events for Tuesday!


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HRE10 Thursday, October 2

Good Evening,

Reminder that the comics/cartoons for the “key terms” is due tomorrow. Remember, this is a tool used to help you study and perhaps go towards your end of the unit task…so do you best!

Tomorrow, we will cover the Ten Commandments and I will also have the outline for unit 2 task.

Our test is now on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 7th!

Here are the key terms: Defining key terms to help us understand the BIBLE

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SNC4E Virus and Bacteria Lesson

Intro Video to Viruses and Bacteria:

Here is a note on Viruses: Viruses Note

Virus Reproduction:

Flu Virus:




Bacteria Note: Graphic Organizer and Prokaryote Colouring Page

Distinguish between Bacteria and Virus Activity:




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