SNC1D Oct 24

Today, we explored more of the physical properties using qualitative observations.

Please complete the Classifying Matter worksheet and the following for homework tonight:

Physical Properties

Use the list of terms to fill-the-blanks in the statements:

Colour, shape, lustre, density, taste, texture, solubility, malleability, ductility, conductivity, odour, viscosity, melting point, boiling point, hardness, clarity, state

  1. ______________ describes the thickness of a liquid
  2. ______________ describes how easily one substance scratches another substance
  3. The ability of a substance to dissolve in a solvent is ______________
  4. How easily electric current flows through a substance is termed _____________
  5. Light reflecting off a substance will give it a characteristic ______________
  6. The ease of which a metal can be drawn into a wire is termed _______________
  7. The terms solid, liquid, and gas refer to _______________
  8. The ease of which a metal can be hammered into different shapes is termed
  9. When something feels rough, you are sensing its ___________________
  10. Visibility though tap water versus tomato juice ________________

SNC1D October 21

Today, we reviewed the 5 Principles in the Particle Theory and what makes up Matter. Remember that Matter is anything that has mass and takes up volume. It can be describe in different forms from a Pure Substance to a Mixture. Here is a more detailed organizer: graphic-organizer-of-matter

We also looked at describing matter using the substances physical characteristics. For homework, please complete worksheet as well as read text: 179-181 and complete page 182 #1,2,4

SNC1D October 20

Today, we began our first day of Chemistry. Here is the work for you to do:

  1. Read page 601 on WHMIS and HHPS. Complete the two charts for your notes.
  2. Read the note on Models of Matter. After, read page 175 (to the end of the Particle Theory) and answer #2 on page 178.
  3. Read page 175-178 in text. Using the worksheet with the diagram on Matter and figure 8 on page 178, fill in the missing spots on your worksheet. Do the questions at the bottom of the page.
  4. Answer #3-8 on page 178.
  5. Complete the worksheet on Classifying Matter.

SNC1D October 7

Here is the note on adaptations for you to complete: adaptations31gaya

Remember to post your pictures for the formal lab into the D2L dropbox.

Tuesday – Nutrient Cycles & Nitrogen Testing

Wednesday – Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration

Thursday – Lab Analysis Questions and Review for Test

Friday – Library for End of the Unit Project

Tuesday, October 18 – Test

SNC1D Sept 30

This week we have looked at day 2 of our test tubes of pond water with fertilizer, acid and control. Monday will be our final day of observations. Please be ready Monday and Tuesday to go outside for Part B.

This week we have also learned about Biodiversity including the classification of species into Kingdoms. If you need to catch up on notes for that class, please look here: biodiversity

We also looked at Population Characteristics and limiting factors. If you need to catch up from that note, please look here: snc_01_09_population_characteristics_limiting_factors.

Next week:

Part A and B of our formal Lab


Nutrient Cycles

Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration

Begin Research on Final Task

SNC1D Sept 21

Today we looked at Ecological Pyramids and Ecological Relationships. Make sure to complete the short reading and find any relationships of Mutualism, Commonsalism, Parasitism, Competitive (Intraspecific or Interspecific) & Predator-Prey.

Tomorrow we are starting our big lab for this Unit. Please make sure to bring $0.25 for lab book

Monday is our Quiz. We will cover everything up until today’s lesson: Variables, Microscope items and functions, Microscope drawings, Abiotic and Biotic Elements, Food Chains & Webs.