SNC1D Jan 18

Today, we completed our electricity quest.

Second half we focused on electromagnetic radiation and the spectrum. Tonight for homework, please read ahead on Other Celestial Objects in the universe:

Read page 314-317 and define the following:

Dwarf planets, asteroid belt, meteoroids, meteors, meteorites, comets

Complete #4,5,9 and this worksheet: 4b-comets-and-meteors-worksheet

SNC1D Jan 16

Today, we completed our electronic question/answer boards for our culminating activity in electricity. If you did not complete, you are to complete at home and submit tomorrow.

Tomorrow is our Electricity Quest – please refer to Jan 12 on what is to be expected.

Tonight, your job is to fill in the blank for our first lesson of space. You can find the powerpoint here: 1-what-do-we-see-in-the-night-sky. You are also to read section 8.1 and complete #1,5,6,7,9

SNC1D Jan 13

Happy Friday the 13th!

Today, we began our culminating task for electricity. You will have 1/2 a period on Monday to complete and hand in. Please ensure you have the proper materials and question/answers for your electronic board.

A reminder that you have an electricity Quest on Tuesday. Here are the practice questions for you to help you study: electricity-practice-questions

SNC1D Jan 12 2017

Today, we finished up the electricity unit. Tonight your job is to answer the 7 questions for your electricity task and to create 7 of your own based on the material we learned. Please ensure this is finished for tomorrow.

Please also bring the following for class: Battery, two wires & Christmas light

Tuesday, is our electricity Quest. The following is an outline of items you should be studying: electricity-quest

SNC1D Dec 21, 2016

During the first half of class we focused more on Resistance and relating it to Current and Voltage. Please complete the assigned questions to you on Ohm’s law.

The second half of the class focused on static electricity. Here is the powerpoint if you missed anything on your sheet: snc1d_u2_lesson_1_exploring_the_nature_of_electricity_1

For homework, make sure that your worksheets on electrostatic laws and series is complete for Friday.