HRE1O Day 1

Welcome to grade nine religion. I am excited to go along with you in this journey as you explore your faith through looking at yourself personally, through scripture, through your stages of life , prayer and of course through love. Listed below are a few items that we looked at in class today. I am thankful to be apart of your faith journey and look forward to our next few months together! Tonight, what I would like you to do is go onto the blog and mention something that you are looking forward to learning about in this class.

HRE1O Day One Sheet

Grade Nine Review Sheet

Day 1 Creating an Avatar

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Day 3: Contraceptives, STIs/STDs & Anatomy of the Reproductive System


  1. Please ensure that your notes for the Reproductive System are completed
  2. Contraceptives Chart and Questions plus this one: Explain Natural Family Method/Planning.
  3. Research Findings on STIs/STDs Chart

Helpful Resources for you:

Love and Sexuality

Elgin Health

Sexuality and You

Life Matters

Birth Control Methods


World Health Organization




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PPL1O/2O Substance Abuse Day 2

Substance Abuse Day 2

A)Where Do You Stand?

a) Alcohol and tobacco are the most dangerous drugs. b) Marijuana should be made legal. c) Smoking should be allowed on school property. d) Drug use is a normal part of growing up. e) You can use drugs without becoming addicted.

B) Myth or Fact on Substance Abuse: You fill out

C) Unit2Substance Use and abuse Listen and take notes for quiz next week

D) Trivia Game

CPR Quiz Tomorrow!!!!


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Substance Abuse Unit 

Substance Abuse

Please watch this video:

  1. Class discussion:Why do teenagers experiment with alcohol, tobacco, and drugs? What risky behaviours are associated with binge drinking? What factors cause teens to binge drink?

You will be working with a partner to complete the following:

  1. Diagnostic: Task 2 – What do I know – student worksheet? 1_task_1_-_what_do_i_know_-_student_worksheet (1) Please complete this diagnostic to the best of your ability. When you believe you are finished, show the teacher and move onto task 3. 
  2. Task 3 – About Alcohol, tobacco, marijuana – Student Worksheet. Click here to open: 2_task_2_-_about_alcohol_tobacco_and_marijuana_-_student_worksheet (1)

Readings: 3_about_alcohol 4_about_tobacco 5_about_marijuana

When you have completed your Task 3 sheet. Please email to making sure your names are on it.


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Today we learned about CPR & AED Training. Please go to the following student manual and complete the questions:


When you have completed the questions. Please take a crossword and matching sheet to work on.

Please be advised that you will have a small written quiz in CPR as well as being assessed in demonstrating the proper steps for CPR and AED.

Demonstration will be today and small quiz will be at the end of the week.



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SNC1P Jan 5

Please complete the warm up sheet for homework as well as your predictions on the light bulb for a series and parallel circuit.

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SNC1P Jan 4

Please complete the two sheets on circuit diagrams as well as the circuit diagrams for activity 4.11 and the four predictions that follow.

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