SNC1D Sept 21

Today we looked at Ecological Pyramids and Ecological Relationships. Make sure to complete the short reading and find any relationships of Mutualism, Commonsalism, Parasitism, Competitive (Intraspecific or Interspecific) & Predator-Prey.

Tomorrow we are starting our big lab for this Unit. Please make sure to bring $0.25 for lab book

Monday is our Quiz. We will cover everything up until today’s lesson: Variables, Microscope items and functions, Microscope drawings, Abiotic and Biotic Elements, Food Chains & Webs.

SNC1D Sept 12

Today, we finished up our Scientific Method Lab by using gum as an example. We also looked at the introduction of Microscopes. In this class, we will be using the compound microscope to view specimens in Ecology.

Please complete the following sheet for class tomorrow so you will be prepared to view objects correctly.


Don’t forget tomorrow is also Picture Day!!


SNC1D Sept 6, 2016

Welcome to your first science class of high school! I’m super excited for this year and to teach you all such wonderful and interesting things about science! The following is an outline of what we covered today:

Day 1 Sheet: SNC1D

Interest survey – completed in class

Multiple Intelligence Survey – completed in class

Note Book Setup & Eval. record

SNC_02_01_Lab Safety Powerpoint

So, I know you know how to visit our blog…below, you will find the comment section. Please say hello and one thing you are looking forward to learning about in science!