SNC1P Families of Periodic Table

Yesterday and today we have been working on learning about the Atom and the periodic table. A reminder that the periodic table is divided into Metal, Non-Metals and Metalloids. There columns are known as the groups or families and the rows are called periods.

The left side of the periodic table contain the metals (alkali and alkaline earth metals) whereas the far right side contain the non-metals (halogens and noble gases). The inner part is know as the transition and inner transition metals.

Today, we looked at the physical and chemical properties of the first few group 1 (Li-Lithium, Na-Sodium, K-Potassium) and the group 2 (Mg-Magnesium, Ca-Calcium). We completed the observations of each. Tonight, you are required to complete the questions on the back of the sheet and be prepared to present your answer in class.

Tomorrow is is also the first day of Be An Angel. Those people who are bringing in items for our Cafe – thank you and please try and come a bit earlier to set up!

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SNC1P November 17

Today, we began to look at classifying matter into Pure Substances and Mixtures. If you did not complete the note, below is a picture for you to complete.

For homework today, please complete questions 1,2 &4 on the bottom of your handout sheet today.



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SNC1P Nov 10

Chemistry quiz tomorrow:

Please review WHMIS symbols, physical & chemical properties and changes, and qualitative & quantitative observations!

Also, please make sure lab activity on physical and chemical changes is complete!!!

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SNC1P October 30

Happy Halloween!!!

Today’s Lesson

1. Please complete the fill in the blanks from the following powerpoint: Physical and Chemical Changes.

2. As a class, discuss what you think 1-9 would be a chemical or physical change

3. Please complete Physical vs. Chemical Changes sheet

4. Read text page 106-108 and complete Learning Check 1-3 on page 107 and Learning Check 1-3 on page 109

5. Complete worksheet.

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SNC1P Thursday, October 29

Today we completed a lab where we were looking at particular physical properties. Please ensure you have completed your table and have answered the questions on the backside of the page.

You also have another worksheet that was handed out to you on physical properties. Please make sure that is complete as well.

Remember to dress up tomorrow for Halloween!!

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SNC1P October 27

Today we explored what matter is.

Matter is anything that has mass and takes up space. We looked at the three different states of matter as well: Solid, Liquid and Gas. We also looked at how chemicals are from matter and chemicals make up substances.

For homework, please make sure you finish up your states of matter worksheet as well as how chemicals are in your life.

Remember tomorrow to hand in your lab! Here are the analysis questions:

  1. Which ecosystem showed the greatest amount of algae growth?
  2. assuming there was always enough water, which ecosystem could sustain life for the longest time?
  3. which jar(s) represent ecosystems that are not sustainable?
  4. why did we use a control jar that contained only pond water?

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SNC1P October 26

Today we began our Chemistry unit by refreshing ourselves with the rules within the lab and looking at Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) and Household Hazardous Product Symbols (HHPS).

You are required to complete the sheet of symbols by colouring the appropriate symbols for homework tonight:

Danger (Octagon) – Red

Warning (Diamond) – Orange

Caution (Triangle) – Yellow

Due WEDNESDAY: POND LAB ***this is a formal lab, please review your rubric to ensure you are not missing anything***


Dress up on Friday for Halloween!!!

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