HRE10 June 10

  1. Group Activity – What is love?

Please answer the following questions in your groups.

  • Create a list of loving qualities in a relationship (Parent – child, friend-friend, husband – wife, sibling-sibling)
  • Create a list of unloving qualities in a relationship (Parent – child, friend-friend, husband – wife, sibling-sibling)
  • Based on the information from #1 and #2 create a definition for the word LOVE.
  • Each table will share their definitions to the class.

2. Receive handout on Love and complete scripture readings on LOVE.

After completing the passage activity above, please answer the following,

  • How did Jesus show his LOVE for others?
  • How did Jesus expect his followers to LOVE?

3. Please read the information on: Understanding Different Types of Love. In your groups, please discuss and complete written answers for the group questions.

MONDAY: PSA Presentations, Decision Making & Abstinence + Begin Culminating Activity!


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PPL10/2O May 30

Please complete the following for homework:

◦Apply the intimacy scale to some of your relationships

◦Consider family members, friends, teachers, students, etc….now write a paragraph describing a Level 5 relationship in your life.– What do you especially value in this relationship?

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PPL1O/2O May 30

Please read the letter from the Bishops Letter from the Bishops

Answer the following questions for tomorrow:

◦1.  What two meanings of chastity are presented in the selection?

◦2.  What is a virtue?

◦3.  How would you define intimacy?

◦4.  How would you define sexuality?

◦5.  What is the Christian vision of sexuality and marriage?

◦6.  What kinds of choices related to chastity do young people face?

◦7.  Why is the decision to live a life of chastity a tremendous challenge in our society?

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HRE1O May 26

Good morning.

Cheryl, could you please say prayer for us today.

Today, we will be starting “S”ocial aspect of spies. Please copy down this note: Social

Next, you will complete parts one and two of How do I get along with others. When you get to part two, the reading and questions is with your teacher. Please ask for it.

This is all to be completed for homework.

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HRE1O Intelligence Day 1&2

  1. Please take the following note and complete the reflection question: unit two spies part three intelligence
  2. Please complete the “How Do I prefer to Learn?” Mr. Aguilar will have the answers for you when you are finished.
  3. Learning styles in the Bible
    1. A) Read the following passages from the bible in each set. Ex. “set A”. Answer the question for each passage and then summarize each passage.
    2. B) Follow instructions for B looking at all sets.
      1. Please note that logical intelligence is number smart, intelligence of relationships is people smart, physical intelligence is body smart.
  4. When finished please take the “Seven Way to be Smart” Sheet.
  5. You will be placed into a group based on your learning style. Your task is the following: (this will likely be on Wednesday and teach Thursday)
    1. Problem Solving based on Learning Style.

                                         How can we improve school spirit?

    Use your groups learning style to solve this problem. Be prepared to                          show/explain


    2. You will also create a lesson and teach the class about Beatitudes using your      specific learning style. For example, perhaps you are body smart you may           create some sort of game to get the people moving.

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HRE April 19

Please have Adam select a prayer to read to the class

Go to the the following powerpoint and complete activities. You do not need to fill in notes. You are just doing the star sections. What Do I Believe – Creeds

You will work on your Creed today and tomorrow. Please use the paper provided for you for your good copy.

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HRE1O April 13

Here is the answer sheet to “What is Prayer”


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