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Unit 1: Nutrition Lesson 1

Goals for lesson:

  • To learn about Canada’s food guide and the important macro-nutrients and micro nutrients that are needed for our growing bodies.

Please print off the following pages for class tomorrow:

Nutrition Lesson 1 Student

Food Guide Internet Assignment Lesson 1

The following is a copy of Canada’s food guide which you will need for tomorrow’s lesson. You can find it hereĀ Canada’s Food Guide

Remember tomorrow there is a quiz on the fitness unit and soccer!

HRE1O Feb 21

Today we looked at the Gospel readings of the beatitudes vs Culture standards. We also, explored the Beatitudes and Me sheet. Please complete all three parts of the Beatitudes and Me sheet for homework if not completed in class.

HRE1O Feb 10

Today, we explored what our journey through life might look like. We encountered symbols through our journey and had the opportunity to discuss what they might mean in our groups and what the symbols actually mean by a psychologist.

Your task is to write a 1/2 page summary comparing your answers to the defined answers. Do you agree with the defined answers? Yes or no? Give an explanation and support to your summary.

Don’t forget to complete the name triangles too and your day 1 sheet!