HRE1O Feb 21

Today we looked at the Gospel readings of the beatitudes vs Culture standards. We also, explored the Beatitudes and Me sheet. Please complete all three parts of the Beatitudes and Me sheet for homework if not completed in class.

HRE1O Feb 10

Today, we explored what our journey through life might look like. We encountered symbols through our journey and had the opportunity to discuss what they might mean in our groups and what the symbols actually mean by a psychologist.

Your task is to write a 1/2 page summary comparing your answers to the defined answers. Do you agree with the defined answers? Yes or no? Give an explanation and support to your summary.

Don’t forget to complete the name triangles too and your day 1 sheet!

HRE1O Feb 6

Hello & Welcome to Grade 9 Religion. I am super excited to get to know all of you this semester as we embark on your journey through your faith. Please do not hesitate to come and see me at lunch if you have a question or you can ask a question on here or via my email as well:

Today, I would like you to comment on this site one thing you are looking forward to learning in grade 9 religion and this also allows me to see if you know how to get here.

Hope you had a great first day of 2nd semester!

Ms. Hayes

SNC1D Jan 25

So far we have review space, electricity and chemistry. Tomorrow is our last day with an ecology review. Please ensure you are completing the review package and if you have time it would be a good idea to complete the practice exam.

Here is what we review today:

Golden Puck forms and money is due tomorrow if you would like to go to the game on Tuesday, Feb 7. $7.00 to go and forms can be located in STUCO office.

SNC1D Jan 23

Today, was day 1 of our exam review days. A review sheet was handed out to you regarding the 4 units that we covered this semester: Ecology, Chemistry, Electricity & Space. Please ensure that you are bringing that sheet to class for the remainder of this week to use for studying.

Day 1: Space Review

Day 2: Electricity Review

Day 3: Chemistry Review

Day 4: Ecology Review

Day 5: Exam

Here is the format for the exam on Friday. You will have 1.5 hours to complete:

Part A: Multiple Choice

Part B: Short Answer

Part C: Comparison Diagrams

Here is a practice exam for you to complete this week:practice-exam-2017

SNC1D Jan 20

Happy Friday & Last day of regular classes!

Today, we finished up Space. You have a wee bit of homework due to the lost day earlier this week. Please ensure you complete the following this weekend:

Finish the H-R Diagram:


Life Cycle of a star:

  • Complete the cut and paste activity of the life cycle of an average star & massive star.
  • Finish the lab questions
  • Finish the worksheet on the life cycle of stars

How Should I Prepare For My Exam?

1. Organize your notebook in order – Ecosystems, Chemistry, Electricity, Space
2. Remove excess material – ie. assignments, labs (keep for next year though)
3. Make summarized notes on each topic for each unit – if you have done this for the unit test, then further reduce your study notes if possible
4. Attempt review questions (will be given to you on Monday and complete each day next week)
5. Check review answers
6. Review material that you did not answer correctly
7. Repeat review questions that you missed the first time around
8. Come in at lunch for help to review your unit tests – make sure you don’t make the same mistakes!